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    PDF2XML integration

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    The PDF2XML solution is a new feature that allows you to send PDF invoices either to a unique email address or via (S)FTP(S) or AS2 to your customers. The PDF fields are then mapped to an XML file, over the course of an integration with our Support team, and you will be able to send similar PDFs automatically!

    There are restrictions as to the kind of PDFs you can send, and the necessary contents:
    • The PDF must be a “machine-generated” PDF - this means scans of paper invoices cannot be used for this solution. A good way to check whether your PDF is machine-generated or not is to try highlighting the text in the document. If you can highlight it, it is machine-generated.
    • PDF files cannot exceed 8 MB
    • The structure of every PDF you send must follow a common template - if for example the address field of your company switches from the left side to the right side, the file will fail. You can either have a common template for invoices and credit notes, or a template for invoices and another template for credit notes. 
    • The language used in your invoices cannot change.
    • It is possible to have attached images to your PDF as long as the core properties of the invoice are machine generated.
    • Some fields are mandatory on your invoices, and have to follow country compliance rules. For example:
      • Unique invoice number
      • Adresses
      • Tax numbers

    Example of a compatible PDF invoice. This was machine-generated by software and can be used with the PDF2XML solution

    Example of an incompatible file. This is a scanned paper invoice, upon which an extra written line was added. This file will not work with the PDF2XML solution and attempts to upload it will result in an error.

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