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    How do I manually upload documents from my accounting or ERP system?

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    If you have a small business accounting package, which is able to export invoices in one of our supported formats, you will be able to upload it through our web interface, using the Documents Uploader app. Activate the app using the steps described here

    To use the Documents uploader app: 

    1. Log in to your Tradeshift account.
    2. Locate the Documents Uploader app on the left-hand app launcher and click the Documents Uploader icon.
    3. Click Choose file to browse for the document you want to upload, and then click Import document. If there are no validation errors, the file is displayed on the list of draft invoices, in your Document Manager app. Details about the Document Manager app and its features are available here.
    4. Verify all the invoice fields, to make sure they are filled in with the correct information. If there is no recipient defined on the invoice, use the search field displayed to find the required recipient. To review the invoice before sending it, use the Preview button to 
    5. To finish the process, click Send. 

    6. After you have sent the invoice, you can find it again in Document Manager. Here, you can download or print a PDF version of the invoice.

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