How to process an order change received

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    This article explains the actions available for order changes received from a buyer. An order change is a document generated when a buyer adds changes to an existing purchase order. The order change created replaces the original purchase order and it is sent by the buyer sends to your company.

    How to access an order change

    There are three access scenarios for the order changes received:

    A. When you receive an order change, you receive an email notification. Note that you receive this email notification if you have the corresponding notification activated on your Settings page. For details about your notification settings, visit this pageOpen the email and click Accept this order or Write a reply, on the notification. You will be redirected to the Tradeshift platform, where the order change is displayed.

    B. When you receive an order change, a notification is displayed in your Tradeshift Messages app.

    1. Open the Messages app, select the desired notification, and the conversation panel expands, displaying your conversation with the connected buyer.
    2. Click the document title and the order change received is displayed.
    3. On the order change, click Options, and proceed as described in the How to process an order change section.

    B. You can find the order change received (and the previous documents, from which it was generated) in the Document Manager app. Details on how to use the search function in the Document Manager app are available here.

    Click the document ID and the order change opens. On the order change, click Options, and proceed as described in the How to process an order change section.

    How to process an order change

    On the order change, click Options. A side panel displays the following options for the order change:

    • a. Create invoice. Select this option to flip the order change into an invoice. Details on creating an invoice are available here. Note that this option is not available if the document is not the latest version. Instead, the panel displays Go to the latest version option.
    • b. Download as…. Select this option download the order change in one of the following formats:
      • PDF in your buyer’s language
      • PDF in a language of your choice
      • UBL representation
    • c. Archive document. Select this option to archive the document. Note that, when you archive the order change, it is not displayed in the Document Manager app, and it does not show in your subsequent searches. To locate archived documents, click Apply filter in Document Manager and select Archived documents on the side panel displayed.
    • d. Send us your feedback. Select this option to send us an email with your feedback regarding your experience on the platform.

    At both header and line level, each order change displays the related documents issued by your company and by your connected buyer - original purchase order, subsequent order changes, invoice, goods receipt - as well as the changes recorded from one document to the other. To view these data, also known as matching details, or any other coding details, click Line settings and filters on the order item you want to view, then toggle one or more of the available switches. 

    Alternatively, you can also tick the checkbox next to a line to select it, then click on View options at the bottom of the page. This will open a sidebar, from where you can choose to show or hide line and matching details. 

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