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    Gateways List

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    The List of Gateways screen shows you all the gateways defined in your environment, even if they have not been used in any channel. From here, you can easily edit them, or create new ones.

    This screen is accessible by clicking on Manage & Build section, then choose Gateways from Components drop-down menu:

    List of Gateways

    The list can contain the following columns:

    Name: A name that identifies the gateway. 

    Description: A free description for the gateway. 

    Direction: IN for gateways in, or OUT for gateways out. 

    Type: The type of the gateway. See gateway types for all possible values. 

    Created On: The date and time when the gateway was created. 

    Last updated on: The date and time of the last modification that affected the gateway.

    For more information about the behavior of the grid, and how to make searches, see the grid section for help.

    You can click on a line to view the details of the associated gateway, or edit it. See gateway details.

    The CREATE NEW action button allows you to create new gateways.

    The CLEAN action button allows you to very easily delete all the gateways that are not used. The interface will just show you the list of all gateways that are deletable (this means not used in any channel). You'll just have to tick the ones that you want to delete, and confirm the operation.

    Clean Gateways














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