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    Creation of a Gateway

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    To create a gateway, you have two main options:

    • Create the gateway from scratch.
    • Duplicate an existing gateway that you already created, or from the Babelway catalogue.

    You can access this choice by clicking on Create New in the gateways list screen, or directly from the channel detail screen.

    Create a new gateway

    To create a gateway, first you have to select the type of gateway that you want to use (Email, FTP, AS2, HTTP).


    Gateway Creation - Type Choice

    Then you need to fill the parameters of the gateway and click on Create gateway. The parameters depend on the type of gateway selected. You can find a detailed explanation of every gateway type in the section on GatewayTypes..


    Gateway Creation - Parameters for Email



    Gateway Creation - Parameters for FTP Client

    After having clicked on Create gateway, you will receive a confirmation that the gateway is correctly created, or a detailed error message if your settings are not correct.



    Gateway Creation - Confirmation



    Gateway Creation - Error

    Reuse an existing gateway

    The other solution is to select an existing gateway from the "Reuse and save time" zone.


    Gateway Creation - Reuse

    A menu with the gateways will appear on the right part of the screen, which you can select or search for specific gateway.



    Searching/Selecting from "Reuse and Save Time"



    Gateway Creation - Reuse Confirmation

    When you are in the Channels section, and you reuse a gateway that is already used in other channels, you will have the choice of either to share the gateway, or to make a copy.



    Gateway Creation - Share or Copy

    More details can be found in the Reuse and save time section.





























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