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    The Partners are the entities that communicate via Babelway.

    For example, when Babelway is used to transfer an invoice from Coca-Cola to Colruyt, the 2 partners involved in the communication are Coca-Cola and Colruyt. Coca-Cola is the sender, or Partner IN. Colruyt is the receiver, or Partner OUT.

    Babelway allows you to :

    • Define and manage your partners, including additional infos like a description, contact information, address, ... and every other information (specific to you) that you want to store with your partners.
    • Assign automatically partners to the messages processed in your environment.
    • Extract partner infos directly from the messages processed in your environment.
    • Make searches, or get statistics based on your partner (ex: give me all the invoices sent to Colruyt).
    • Be compliant to GS1.


    Partners and gateways are different concepts. The Partner is really the entity involved in the communication (typically a company), while the Gateway represents a technical way of reaching this partner (e.g. "send an email to address", or "Place files on ftp server of").

    You can have multiple gateways to connect to the same partner (e.g.: invoices must be sent by email, while orders must be sent via ftp).

    A simple gateway can also be used to communicate with multiple partners. For example, I could setup an Email gateway IN that all my clients are allowed to use to send me an order. In this case, the sender (partner IN) will just be written in the order.


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