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    Add a certificate

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    1-From "Certificate" page click on the "Add key certificate" button, as shown below.


    Add key certificate


    2-Provide the Alias for your certificate then upload the Pkcs12 file and provide its corresponding password, as shown below.


    Add certificate page


    Now the certificate will be displayed in the "Your certificates" tab.

    Note: A deployment is required after updating a certificate or adding new certificate in order to push this changes to production.

    Choose how you want to add a certificate

    The way you want to add the certificate by uploading Pkcs12  file , or  Generating a self signed certificat.


     An alias that you can set to easily identify your certificate. 

     Pkcs12 file 

     Upload your Pkcs12 file. 

     Pkcs12 password 

     The password required to use your Pkcs12 file. 


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